ATLANTIC CITY - DUCKTOWN  REVITALIZATION: Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Learn about the history of Atlantic City's "Little Italy" and efforts to remake the neighborhood. Departs from outside Noyes Arts Garage then heads past the White House Subs, Columbus Statue Site, 500 Club, Dante Hall/St. Michael's, Ducktown Tavern, Dock's Oyster House, Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, and Many More Spots before ending at historic Siracusa Terrace. 

ATLANTIC CITY - LOUISA MACK'S TOUR: Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Learn about Louisa Mack and LGBTQ+ Nightlight in Atlantic City from the 1920s to Today.

Departs from Saratoga Site/Cardinal then passes by Snake Alley Entrance, Entertainer's Club Site, Pro Arts Bldg., The Surfside, Brass Rail/Studio Six, Civil Rights Garden, Park Place LGBT Beach, Lark/Lyle's/Vals and Many More Spots before ending at Rendezvous.

ATLANTIC CITY - GHOSTS OF OLD AC TOUR: Available For Groups From $250 Per Couple

Led by the "Ghost" of Boss Nucky Johnson, This Tour Explores The Dark Side Of AC History.

Departs from the Boardwalk outside Steel Pier then heads past Empty Lots and Bulldozed Hotels, while discussing Jeremiah Leeds and the Jersey Devil, Jonathon Pitney, Gangsters, Post-WWII Decline, Closed Casinos, and Many More Topics, concluding at old Trump Plaza.

Historic Walks in Atlantic City and Ocean City Area Seaside Communities 

* $50 Per Person For 2 * $40 Per For 3 * $35 Per For 4 (Or More) - Email: or Call (609) 365-2161 *

ATLANTIC CITY - NUCKY'S EMPIRE TOUR : Available For Groups From $250 Per Couple

Led by "Special Guest Guide" Nucky Johnson, Prohibition Era Political Boss and Gangster.  Departs from Boardwalk near historic Ritz-Carlton then passes by arcades, restaurants, Boardwalk Hall, Million Dollar Pier, Warner Theater, James Candy Factory, Heartwalk, and Many More Spots while discussing Nucky's Empire before ending at the historic Irish Pub.

ATLANTIC CITY - NORTHSIDE HISTORY TOUR: Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Learn the Important Role Played by Residents of Atlantic City's Northside Neighborhood. Departs from historic St. James AME Church on Arctic/New York Avenues then passes by Harold Brown Park, Club Harlem/Kentucky Ave, Civil Rights Garden, Arctic Ave Churches, Indiana Avenue District, and Many More Spots before ending at historic Liberty Hotel Site. 

ATLANTIC CITY - CHANGING CHELSEA TOUR: Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Starting in the historic Chelsea neighborhood at the Stockton Atlantic City Campus, this tour will feature the Jewish Heritage of the neighborhood including two synagogues, a former tailor shop, an ex-union headquarters, and more. The tour also explores the history of  immigrant communities that have come to AC recently, including diverse Hispanic and Asian groups. 

ATLANTIC CITY - BOARDWALK HERITAGE TOUR : Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Departs from historic Boardwalk Hall then passes by JFK Plaza, Rainforest Cafe, Chicken Bone Beach, Million Dollar Pier, Warner Theater, Bally's, Fralinger's, Korean War Memorial, Brighton Park, Claridge, Carnegie Library, Madison Hotel, Irene's, James Candy, Police & Fire Memorial, Irish Pub, Central Pier, Hard Rock, and Many More Spots before concluding at historic Steel Pier.

ATLANTIC CITY - VETERANS HERITAGE TOUR: Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Learn the Important Role Played by Local Veterans and Atlantic City Itself over Three Wars.  Departs from World War One Memorial  then passes by AC Civil War Memorial, Olde Atlantic City Mosaic Mural, Ocean Club Public Art, Historic Ritz-Carlton Condominium, World War Two Camp Boardwalk Plaque, and Many More Spots before ending at NJ Korean War Memorial. 

ATLANTIC CITY - GAMBLING HERITAGE TOUR : Please email or call to set up a tour day/time

Starting from Resorts his tour features many prominent casino establishments in Atlantic City from past to present, primarily in the Midtown Section of the city. Participants will learn about notable people, places, and events which left a mark on the city's landscape. Join us and learn more about the famous, infamous, notable and notorious "History of Gaming" in Atlantic City